Monday, January 25, 2016

Macie's First Two Weeks

These are some of the sweet memories we enjoyed from
Macie's first two weeks!

And don't miss the full story of Macie's birth, published Friday night. 


The kids came to visit us in the hospital about three hours after she was born. 


Alaine was thrilled to meet her new sister!


It was a beautiful sunny day and this was the view from our hospital window. 

We enjoyed lots of cuddles.  Notice the tiny toes sticking out of the blanket in the photo on the right!



Getting ready to go home!

We had an extra-special welcoming committee at the door! 

We were happy to be reunited again as a family-- a family of eight! 


The sisters dressed in coordinating stripes.


Macie tried napping in her bed, but it didn't last long.  She still prefers sleeping in arms during the day.

Or on the floor?

Bath time!


Simple pleasures-- napping in the sunshine on Mama's legs!


Sunday morning breakfast...but it's hard to eat when you are holding something so sweet!

We had afternoon visitors and no shortage of volunteers to hold Macie.  Here she is with her Gran.


Macie stayed inside wearing her snowman pajamas while the bigger kids played outside in the snow.

We tried the sling for the first time while Mama cooked a warm lunch on a cold day.

Milk drunk!

There is no shortage of love!

This was Daddy's idea. The kids found it amusing and Macie didn't seem to mind at all.  You can't tell in the photo, but her eyes were open underneath the shades.

DAY 11

I love when Macie is content and still and in a gazing mood. 

Gavin likes that, too.

DAY 12

Owen calms Macie by bouncing on the exercise ball.

DAY 13

Macie napped in my arms while the rest of us drank hot chocolate and read a story.

DAY 15

Macie turned two weeks old.  Church was cancelled because of ice and snow so we spent a quiet Sunday at home, playing games and watching football.


  1. She has seamlessly fit into the family life! What a joy! I hope to meet her and get a chance to hold her!


  2. Oh, I love getting these glimpses of Macie's first days (especially the days that I haven't seen myself)!! She is such a precious gift!!

  3. Macie has got a beautiful family. Reading a story for other kids with that new born one. you r so great. Nice family time.


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