Tuesday, February 16, 2016

4 Things We're Looking Forward To

1) Spring! While part of me wants to hold on to winter because it means Brian is still home from work and we have lots of family time, the rest of me wants spring to hurry up.  I'm looking forward to warmer days when we can go out without bundling up in coats (and gloves and hats)!  I am looking forward to taking the baby outside without wrapping her in blankets and having her gasp in the wind.   We have been blessed with good health this winter, but the kids are passing around a cold this week and Alaine had a fever on Saturday and Sunday, so I'm ready for spring's fresh air.

2) A vehicle we can all ride in together! The day after I wrote this post, we bought an 8-passenger vehicle.  We are so excited, but until we get it through state inspection and finish cleaning it (the former owner was a smoker), we are still doing the 2-car thing.  

3) The yard drying out!  We live on low land so the ground stays saturated after a rain.  We've had so much rain and other precipitation this winter that the kids haven't been able to play in the yard for weeks.  Good thing our back deck is large enough to sort-of large enough to run around on.  Considering  6 inches of snow fell yesterday then switched to rain which melted all the snow...and it is supposed to continued all day today...we might be waiting a long time for dry ground!  

4) Gym class starting this week!  The P.E. class my kids take from one of the local colleges has been on break since early December, but it resumes this week!  The kids can't wait to see some of their friends regularly again.  Notice, the exercise part of class is not my kids' priority. 

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