Friday, February 5, 2016

Mixed Feelings and a Blessing in Disguise

We are a 8-member family, but we still have a 7-passenger van.  When we go to church or to out to dinner or anywhere as an entire family, we have to take 2 vehicles.  We scour Craigslist and online classifieds daily.  We've asked around and talked with friends. It's been partly financial, partly logistical, but either way, we've not been able to purchase a larger vehicle yet. 

I didn't realize until I've been the sole driver of one vehicle how much talking Brian and I did while riding.  On our way to and from events or even en route to the store, we discussed our schedule for the week, movies we wanted to see, conversations we had with other people, and parenting issues.  It was a guaranteed, mostly-uninterrupted, focused window of time for us to connect and I miss that. 

But something unexpected has happened on our drives.  My 13-year-old who spends much of his day quietly building Legos in his room or drawing in the living room, is ready for conversation in the van.  Over the past two weeks, we've had multiple meaningful talks about school, college, the future, finances, the Bible, personal convictions, and how much money it costs to buy a new or used car! 

While I'll be relieved when we are all able to ride together again, I'm taking time to appreciate this extra blessing.


  1. I like this! glad you have an opportunity to connect with your son.

  2. This is sweet. There's always a blessing when we look for it.

  3. I, too, have found car time to be prime conversation time! Priceless!


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