Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Not Just Academics

There is more to our homeschool than just learning how to read and write. There are also certain habits and behaviors I try to teach all of the kids.

1) Respect for others-- When Mom is giving a sibling instructions, that is not the time to butt in to ask a question of your own!

2) Concentration-- This means sticking to the task at hand as opposed to doing one math problem and then stopping to watch your sister color.

3) Sharing-- If your brother needs the blue colored pencil, wait until he is finished instead of insisting you need it to color the sky in your picture.

4) Diligence to finish a task-- When Mom tells you do finish one page of phonics, work at it in a timely fashion until you are done.

5) Joy in others' accomplishments-- When Baby Brother is excited because he is learning his colors, be happy for him even if the skill seems easy to you!

6) Thinking for yourself-- Think about your question and see if you can figure out the answer on your own without asking someone!

1 comment:

  1. These are great suggestions... I need to work on them on a daily basis!!

    Thanks for the great info to help others along...especially me! lol

    God bless-

    P.S. Can I jsut tell you, one of he things I love best about your blog is the fact that I don't have to descramble some word and type it out in ancient hyroglyphics just to post a comment! :)


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