Friday, August 1, 2008

"See Owen Run!"

Owen is a big boy. He was my smallest at birth by far-- 7 pounds, 12 ounces-- but he was 2 1/2 weeks early. By 2 weeks, he was over 9 pounds, and he didn't stop. He was well over 20 pounds by 5 months! After his first birthday, he slowed down and grew taller instead of wider, but his feet have maintained their baby chubbiness. It makes it super hard to find shoes for him.

For summer, we bought him two pairs of shoes. The first was a pair of sandals. We found a basic pair at Target. To get the Velcro closed enough to keep the shoe on his foot, the top of his foot is squished! If you loosen it to make it more comfortable, the sandal falls off his foot! His second pair of shoes is a play pair for the pool or beach. We bought him a pair in his size at Old Navy and couldn't even get them on because his foot was too chunky. We found another pair at Target that we settled on, but they are a struggle to squeeze on!

So we were in a dilemma for fall. I heard about a company called
See Kai Run that makes shoes just for kids with feet like Owen's. In fact, their website says these shoes "accommodate even the chubbiest little feet." I wrote to the company and asked them to donate a pair for me to review on my blog...and they did!

The box arrived one evening and a few days later, we put the shoes to the test. Owen immediately took to them. After easily slipping over his little toes (something that has never happened), he looked down at his feet and said, "Boo-ful." One evening he found the shoebox and said, "Mama, put shoes on." When he took off the lid and noticed it was empty, he put his whole face in the box and said, "All gone!" Now if I send him to find his shoes, he inevitably brings these to me!

I love how flexible the soles are. They are rubber and sturdy, but yet bend easily for toddler movement. The shoe itself is made of soft leather. (Am I the only one who loves to inhale that wonderful scent?!) We are totally sold on these shoes. The only negative I could find is the price. Moms shopping for multiple kids may find these out of price range.

With my next baby due in October, I was excited to learn that See Kai Run is coming out with a line of booties for babies 0-18 months this month called Smaller.


  1. I'll definitely have to check these out! We have some chubby baby piggies at this house, also!

  2. Now those are adorable! And as a mommy of kids with CHUBBY, I am so grateful for this post! I will be checking those shoes out ASAP!

    Thanks for the great tips Kristen!

    God bless-

  3. P.S. CHUBBY *feet*. Not just chubby. lol I'm losing it. ha!


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