Thursday, July 31, 2008

Am I the Only Mom Who...

...has held a baby while on the toilet?

...has hidden a children's book because I can't bear to read it one more time?

...has gone in the laundry room to eat a snack so I don't have to choose whether to share?

...has pretented to still be asleep so I can catch a few more minutes of rest before tackling the barrage of questions thrown my way?

...has thrown my son's white shirt in the trash rather than bleach it again?

...can name every Thomas engine ever made?

...considers a day without someone crying a luxury? (Oh wait, I don't have those!)

...finds folding laundry relaxing?

...who is glad plants are not children because they would be sorely neglected?


  1. No, you most certainly aren't. Have you ever looked forward to going by yourself to the doctor/dentist, because of the peace and quiet?

  2. oh gosh no girl.... you are certainly not alone!

  3. well, i most certainly have held a child while on the toilet. I don't think I've ever told anyone that either...I guess it doesn't come up in conversation too often!

    You are such a dear!

    Many blessings-

  4. lol!!! No, you are not the only one!:-)

  5. Thank you, this made me laugh. I have done most of those things, I have even nursed a fussy baby while on the toilet:) You do what you got to do!

  6. I have done all of those things, too, myself!

    Great post!

    Nancy @ Homemade Blessings

  7. Well, except for knowing all the trains on Thomas....every single one I have done...and some I must admit, felt guilty about!

  8. Please tell me you've nursed on the toilet too... it will make me feel better.

  9. This is so funny. I just found this one.
    I have...
    Held and nursed a baby on the toilet.
    Hidden that book {Mr. Brown can moo, if you'd like to know :)}
    I hide behind the fridge to eat the snack.
    Pretending to sleep doesn't work yet in our house.
    I use "unusable" white shirts for pj tops :)
    Thankfully, we have three Thomas trains, so I only know one train, well, two, I know Percy :)
    I would rather fold laundry than do dishes, blah
    And yes, If my plants were children someone would have called DFACS along time ago :/


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