Monday, July 21, 2008

In Doctors We Trust? Part 3

My previous posts on this topic dealt with the more technical/medical side of the issue. I thought I should also address the cultural side of it. If you read any parenting magazines, you've probably picked up on the current trend that "doctor knows best"--better than the older, wiser women in your life. It is implied that anything "Grandma" has to offer must be outdated, impractical information and irrelavant to a child today.

Think about it. Who would know more about getting an infant to sleep or an older baby to eat? A mother who has raised children of her own or the pediatrician who learned about it in medical school? And who knows best how to deal with toddler tantrums? A mother who has studied the Bible and applied the principles in raising her own now-grown children or the family doctor who parrots what he/she was taught in class? (Keep in mind, doctors are trained in medical issues. Their training in breastfeeding, child training, and nutrition is minimal at best.)

Titus 2 tells the older women to teach the younger women in all aspects of life, but today their knowledge is being replaced by a doctor's. This is not to say doctors don't have a place or that everything "Aunt Betty" suggests is gospel, BUT to discount the counsel of a Godly woman and run straight to the doctor is not wise.

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  1. Good one. I agree. Older women need to be seeking younger women to befriend and vice versa. In churches, you don't find it all that often! Sad, huh?!

  2. I've heard so many women, especially young mothers, have concerns and questions about their children (and legitimately so!), only to dismiss thier fears when the dr. assures them it's "okay" and "normal". In my home, we define our own "normal" and "okay", sometimes that coincides with what the Dr. orders, but most of the time, it doesn't. My mom was (and is!) big on gut instinct and listening to your baby's cues to determine the right course of action. That kind of advice transcends time!

  3. Fantastic!! I absolutely agree! With my first two children our family doctor was so unhelpful I was searching for women who could give me some practical advice! I'd say turn to a Titus 2 woman before a doctor any day!

  4. Doctors are especially ignorant when it comes to breastfeeding info. One woman told my coworker (lactation educator) her OB said he "didn't understand why she'd want to breastfeed, because she'd have all these expectations and would probably be disappointed."


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