Thursday, July 17, 2008

Practical Update on Treating Illnesses!

Yesterday I posted about how I treat illnesses while avoiding the doctor's office and unnecessary medicine. Well, I got a chance to put it in to practice.

On Tuesday evening, the kids were outside playing and Owen came to sit beside me on the step. I leaned over to kiss him and noticed he felt warm-- not sweaty warm, but a deep internal warm. (Lips are a fantastic thermometer as most moms know!) He seemed happy so we continued to play, but when I brought the kids in for bed, I used our temporal thermometer and took his temperature. He did indeed have a fever. I gave him an extra drink before bed and placed it by his mattress so he could replenish his fluids throught he night as needed.

When he woke up Wednesday morning, he still had a fever. I made sure he drank a lot during the day. His appetite was slightly diminished so I made sure the foods he did eat were good foods-- yogurt, fruit, cheese...

He was restless at naptime, but since rest is so important to healing, I put him to bed an hour earlier that night.

When he woke up this morning, his fever was gone and his full appetite is back!

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