Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mommy Math on a Family Outing

6= the number of times I entered a public restroom

2= the number of times I personally needed to use the bathroom

2= the number of poopy diapers I had to change on a dirty restroom changing table

27= the temperature on the thermometer meaning it was too cold to change the diapers in the car

28=the approximate temperature in the public restroom (prompting my toddler to tell me his backside was cold!)

1= the number of time I had to change the baby's outfit because poop was all the way up his back

1= the number of toddlers who turned and said hello to someone washing her hands as he lay exposed on the changing table

1= the number of children I had to beg to please wait until we got home to poop

3= the number of children who crouched in the corner or buried their heads in my coat when the toilet flushed

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  1. Oh, my! And to think that I complain about how hard it is to take my one out and about!

  2. I think I will just stay home for the next 5 years! :)


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