Saturday, September 26, 2009

Count Your Many Blessing

Autumn has dawned and our hearts swell with thanks to our Father! Gratitude flows from our lips as we share our thanks around the dinner table each evening.

We thank Him for marking our days...and this day in particular...with memories.

We thank Him for cool breezes (and sister) propelling the swing.

We thank Him for the precious walk with fellow believers-- whether it be a crisp walk through the corn maze (below) or the more general walk of life...

...and for being a constant guide on this path.

We thank Him for sweaters and soccer and pizza and giggles... and all the joys that accompanied our day.

We thank Him for loving us when we were unlovable and sending His spirit to dwell in us!

Won't you join us in offering thanks for this and all our days?



  1. *Unbelievable* how similar our Saturday evening posts are!!! (I am not referring to the renowned magazine, just our blog posts.) I promise I did not see yours before I posted!

  2. AMEN!! How sweet this is... and how blessed you are!!

    Praise God for good friends and good times with family.

    Love your pictures!!


  3. Amen!!! Beautiful post.
    Thanking Him with you.
    Praise Jesus :)
    And for holding off the rain so we werent blessed with another wet walk :)
    "let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them"

  4. Love the pics!!! I am so jealous... we want to go to our corn maze and pumpkin patch, but I think its suppose to rain this weekend! :)

  5. I love that picture of Ben in the swing! He looks like he is having fun.

  6. OOO... a corn maze... they are so fun with littles! To tell the truth, last year when we took our littles (one in a sling), it was my first time going too. I think we'll go again this year... with 2 running around. Maybe this week while My Beloved's brother is here. :)

  7. Sounds like the perfect day!

  8. Amen! Looks like a fun day and a great way to kick off Autumn!


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