Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Word Picture

We knead the dough, my Owen and I. He with his hair wispy from a nap and I with Baby on my hip.

Our talk is sprinkled with retellings of his favorite books and quotes from his favorite movies. His conversation has matured greatly in the past weeks.

"Mama, I'll get the cheese and you get the sauce." And so I do. "Ants Go Marching" accompanies our work.

We swirl the sauce in patterns and heap on more than enough cheese.

"Mama, this pizza is going to taste so good." I kiss his soft head, savoring its smell.

He picks morsels of cheese off the table and licks his plump fingers, still dimpled with baby creases. "Mama, this pizza is going to taste so good," he says again.

I ponder these things in my heart. I musn't forget.

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  1. What a sweet story! I love chubby baby fingers with little folds. So sweet : )

  2. I love those cute little baby hands!

  3. LOVE it!! Those pudgy little fingers in the cheese just melt my heart!


  4. Motherhood is such a blessing! It is memories such as this that get us through the hard times. So sweet!

  5. What a joy. God is so good to bless each of us with these special and precious gifts from Him. Absolutely a treasure!


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