Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

It is possible to be thrifty without feeling deprived and I'm sharing ideas in this summer series. If you have an money-saving idea on any topic, consider sharing it on your blog and leaving your link at the bottom of this post. The only rule? Share what you know. If I've never personally tried an idea, I won't write about it. The same goes for you, but don't assume an idea is too simplistic. It could be new to someone or it could re-inspire someone else!  

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The school year begins at our house on Monday.  The books have been purchased or borrowed and the supplies gathered.  Some of us are looking forward to the day more than others, but anticipation fills the air nonetheless.  With learning on my mind, this week's tip is teach children with real-life resources.  This is especially true in the younger years.   Instead of spending major dollars on an expensive preschool curriculum or even workbooks, use the resources found around you:  books, a wall calendar, the clock, maps...

We have been amazed at what Owen (almost 4) has learned by putting a calendar at his eye level.  It hangs near his seat at the table and he begins each morning by pointing out the day on the calendar and often counts how many days until an anticipated event.  (He does this on his own.  It is not required of him.)  The maps work the same way.  A United States map and a world map are pinned to the wall on the children's eye level near the table.  We have many, many opportunities each week to point out locations and often attach something to the map to help remember.   A few weeks ago when Gavin was eating a Hershey Kiss, we talked about the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania and he ended up taping the paper ribbon to the map over the city of Hershey.   Free learning can be a lot of fun! 


  1. Such good advice. I'm still so new to this, and I think our "curriculum list" is a bit much this year.

    And, I will heartily agree with putting things where kids can "see" ... a $1 ABC poster is how Connor learned his letters waaay back before we ever homeschooled or had all our "homeschool" stuff around!

    :) :) :) that you got my Elf plug...I thought only Brian would get it. I LOVE Elf. I wish it were ChristmasTime so we could watch it!

  2. YAY! Happy beginning-of-the-school-year to you!


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