Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

It is possible to be thrifty without feeling deprived and I'm sharing ideas in this summer series. If you have an money-saving idea on any topic, consider sharing it on your blog and leaving your link at the bottom of this post. The only rule? Share what you know. If I've never personally tried an idea, I won't write about it. The same goes for you, but don't assume an idea is too simplistic. It could be new to someone or it could re-inspire someone else!  

Feel free to add the Thrifty Thursday button to your post or blog by copying and pasting the html code (found under the Thrifty Thursday button in my sidebar).

Summer is winding down.  After a summer of 100+ degree days, I am relishing in the milder temperatures this week.  When the children ask to go out a play, I can enthusiastically agree without worrying about keeping them cool.  They still come in with red faces and black feet, but at least I don't fear heat stroke. During these long summer months, though, when drinking cups were being filled hourly, what did we do to keep hydrated inexpensively?  Serve mostly water.  At breakfast, I offer juice (actually a mixture of 3/4 juice, 1/4 water) or milk.  Otherwise, we drink water all day long, even with dinner.  It is a policy we've had since Gavin was a baby so no one complains.  It is just a way of life.  (I am sure to give the children their calcium and fruit requirement through their diets so no one suffers nutritionally.)  The kids get an occasional treat of chocolate milk or lemonade (maybe once a week) and Brian drinks a can of soda in the evening, but otherwise, water it is!


  1. We're also an almost all water family. We have spinach/fruit smoothies with breakfast and milk with our morning snack then waterthe rest of the day. The kids don't complain either because this is what we've always done.

  2. i wish i liked water!! i seriously can not stand it. and only drink it during labor or in a bubbler somewhere. thankfully the kids like water and they drink it quite a bit. :)


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