Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daybook Entry

For today, November 3 , 2010

Outside my window...Maddie and Owen having a tea party in a carpet of crunchy leaves.

I am thinking... about all the times I've been driving in the van and one of the kids suddenly yells, "Duck!" and how my heart jumps until I realize we are going under an overpass and they are playing a game.

I am thankful for...lunch at my grandmother's house yesterday.  Giving up nap time was worth it to have an afternoon of grilled cheese (hers are the best!) and fellowship and smiles. 

Noticing new routine of getting up before everyone else is leaving me really tired today.

From the learning rooms...We are learning about King Solomon and multiplication and Norman Rockwell and the Oregon Trail.  What variety! 

From the kitchen...I put together a cheesy, gooey, meaty pasta dish this morning with a fussy baby cradled in one arm.  After a clingy baby day, I am looking forward to putting it in the oven and smelling comfort food. 

I am creating...plans for the last seven weeks of school before our Christmas/January break. 

I am where-- and it is lovely!

I am reading...The Bridge of Peace by Cindy Woodsmall.  Next up is Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.  The problem is, I can't get the words of that song on the Arthur cartoon out of my head: "And I was Jekyl, Jekyl, Hyde, Dr. Hyde, Hyde, Jekyl..." 

I am hoping...Brian gets off early.  That would mean eating dinner early and then settling in for a quiet (?) evening of family devotions and play. (That would also mean we could get the kids in bed-- or at least in their room-- in time to watch Survivor at 8 o'clock.  There.  I admitted that I am a Survivor fan.)

I am praying...for patience and peace tomorrow.  Somehow, no matter how the week is going, we fall apart on Thursdays-- too many tears and too much frustration.

I am remembering...that this time last year, Benjamin was our baby and Alaine was not even a whisper in our minds. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Sunday afternoon nap

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  1. Oh, I love the peek into your day... the picture is priceless and I'll be standing with you in prayer for a day of peace and joy.

    Hope you can watch Survivor tonight! :)


  2. Now I will be singing Arthur in my sleep!!!

    Hope dinner was yummy, and you go your Survivor fix!

    Why am I just learning that Thursdays are rough? My rough day is Monday...but I almost 100% positive you already knew that (like the rest of the world)!


  3. what is with my typing tonight! gee whiz!!!

  4. OH my. Look at that chubby baby girl!!!

  5. Grilled cheese at Gam's is a treat! And I love to picture Maddie and Owen's autumn tea party! Fun to hear what you're doing at school.
    But did you HAVE to remind me of Arthur's "And I was Jekyl, Jekyl, Hyde, Dr. Hyde, Hyde, Jekyl..." ?! I hadn't thought about that line in years, but yesterday and today...that's all I can think about! HELP!


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