Monday, February 21, 2011

Dotting His I's and Crossing His T's

 A glimpse at copywork:

Gavin recently finished his copybook and rather than order a new one mid-year, we created our own.  I bought a simple 77-cent three-pronged folder and added loose-leaf paper.  Then we brainstormed (Brian, Gavin and I) and typed out pages with his address, the names of all of our family members, the days of the week, and familiar scriptures and tucked them into the folder.  Each morning, he chooses a passage or a few lines to copy (...he doesn't have to go in order...) and in ten minutes, his copywork is complete!


  1. I love when school work is easy! (And effective!)

  2. Oh I love this idea!! (and I love the choosing - that would help tremendously around here!)

  3. Great idea. I've been having trouble with Erin and copy work and this idea is just what we needed!

  4. I LOVE this idea! We struggle each morning with , "MOM! What do I do for Copywork today?" ...tiring!

    Curious??? What scripture verses did you pick??? Esp. for Little Men??? (we're having some 'teary' issues over school work...and taking out the garbage...and being tough...and ...)



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