Monday, August 1, 2011

An Announcement & Tri-Moms: Summer Fun on a Budget

From the beginning, our goal as the Tri-Moms was to support each other and to uplift each of you, giving you encouragement that with the Lord, you can handle your calling as a mother.  As we held our quarterly online "business meeting" last week, both Suzanne and Kathi decided that it was time to step down from their writing duties.  Kathi is expecting her eighth baby this winter and Suzanne's life is being turned upside down (in a good way) as her family is relocating due to her husband's new job!  Sadly, as a result, I was left as the only Tri-Mom, and since Uni-Mom doesn't have the same ring, I am introducing a new Tri-Mom this week.

Allyson is the mom behind A Heart For Home.  She and her husband, Tim, have 3 children and are expecting another this month!  They are also attempting to settle in after moving across several states...this past weekend!  Allyson's blog is full of craft tutorials, healthy recipes, family photos, and giveaways, but  by-far my most favorite thing to read is her birth stories (here, here, and here)! Allyson and I are looking for another mom to join us in our blogging triangle.  If you are interested in writing for Tri-Moms, send me an e-mail and I'll send along our brief application for you to fill out. (Spread the word.)  And now on to this week's topic...

 Summer Fun on a Budget

Sitting around the breakfast table one morning in early June, I asked my kids a question: If each of you named the number 1 thing you want to do this summer, what would it be?  Three of them answered, "Go to the beach," and a fourth said, "Go to Chuck E. Cheese."  While neither of these things are necessarily frugal when you consider food and the gas to get there, making these two events the highlight of our summer saved us from running ragged and spending money going places the kids would only find so-so. 

In front of Chuck E. Cheese
Building castles on the beach

The rest of the summer we committed to inexpensive fun like swimming at a friend's pool, joining the library's summer reading program, or having friends over to play.

Posing with their friend, Aaron
Can you believe it?  16 kids in the backyard!

Being frugal can still be a lot of fun!

In an effort to simplify, we are eliminating the Tri-Moms link-up.  Always feel free to weigh in via the comments, though!  Be sure to stop by Allyson's blog to welcome her and read about her summer fun.  

Up next: August 16
  Clothing a Bunch

Fall Schedule of Topics
September 6: Lesson planning/organizing the school year
September 20: Getting the whole family involved in homeschooling
October 4:  The joys and fears of our children growing older
October 18: Traveling with children
November 1: Thanksgiving crafts and recipes
November 15: Teaching the meaning of Thanksgiving


  1. Good topic! Like you, we have spent most of our time just relaxing at home. We've been to the beach a couple of times and occasionally we'll go to my mother-in-law's to go swimming. We've also gone to the $1 movies a few weeks and that's pretty cheap if you don't hit the concession stand. Other than that, my kids play outside with friends or with each other. If it's too hot we just stay indoors and try and beat the boredom. I absolutely love summer but part of me is looking forward to the routine of school starting lol.

  2. We have two kiddie splash parks in the area that are free. What a blessing! We haven't gone as much as I've wanted (gearing up three littles isn't the easiest after all), but we've enjoyed it when we do! We also have the blessing of having a pool, so we have definitely used that. :)


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