Tuesday, July 17, 2012

T.I.P.sters: Taking Family Photos

Back when Alaine was weeks old, I mourned the fact that it was nearly impossible to have all five children look at the camera at the same time with pleasant expressions on their faces. I wanted magazine-quality happy perfection, but my kids had no interest in cooperating.  Relate?

The end result of that impromptu photo shoot was so perfect, though, that I have it hanging in my hallway, even though everyone has changed and grown older.  That photo shoot taught me that a great picture does not have to mean everyone looking straight ahead.  Sometimes capturing personalities and capturing memories is equally good. 

October 2010

A finger in the mouth or the frowny face showcases the age of the child.  (At least I tell myself that when I smile through gritted teeth, frustrated that the 3-year-old does. not. like. his picture taken.)

Easter 2012

And while silly faces and wiggly tongues may not be the stuff of a magazine-quality spread, it surely is better than tears.

Can you spot the extra child?

Taking family photos can  mean doing whatever possible to keep the kids in the shot at all.  Think the two little ones holding my hands looks quaint?  It was the only way I could them from running away! 
Mother's Day 2012

The only time we insist on seven happy faces all looking at the camera is our annual Christmas photo.  With a little planning (full tummies and rested kids), a patient photographer who is willing to get a little silly (my sister), and a ton of outtakes, we manage to get it done!

November 2011
My sister has written a great article on photographing children.  She took the photos of Gavin, Maddie, Owen, and Ben that are in my sidebar.  She has a knack for capturing their personalities better than I ever can in a photo.  (Click on their names, above, to see more of her work.  If you're local and want some photos of your kids, I bet she'd work out a deal with you. ) 

For more inspiration on anything from what to wear to how to pose, visit my Family Photos Pinterest board

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Coming Soon:
August 7: Schooling Kids of Different Ages
August 21: Teaching Kids to Read

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  1. I love seeing all of your family photos in one post :) I definitely have to remember that it's almost impossible to get all four of the kids looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. But life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!


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