Monday, August 13, 2012

More Dresses

The Dress Project: Summer Challenge wraps up in less than 3 weeks and the entries are still coming in.  (To see them all in one place, click here and scroll to the bottom.) 

Hannah e-mailed me months ago and told me how much she enjoyed watching the progression of Alaine's dress...because her daughter had the same dress! She went on to say that she had been inspired to remake her daughter's, much like I was doing for Alaine's.  Hannah's e-mail is what inspired me to open up the Summer Challenge to all of you.  I figured there were others out there who could come up with creative ways to stretch the life of their children's clothing. 

I was excited to finally be able to see what Hannah had done with THE dress. She obviously has a few more sewing skills that I have (see her Etsy shop) so she sewed a button hole on the dress, making it easy to switch accessories in and out often. 

Click on photo for instructions and more photos of Hannah's project.

Allyson has really gotten into the spirit of stretching the life of clothing this summer.  Her third entry to The Dress Project involves a too-small T-shirt, a too-big skirt, and a discarded bow.

Hannah also  took a discarded skirt and transformed it into a "new" dress for her daughter. 

 For details on either Allyson's (left) or Hannah's (right) dresses, click on the photos above. 

Are you working on an entry for The Dress Project?   (Eighteen more days...)  Don't forget about the lovely prizes! 

$30 store credit to Vintage Linen Love
fat quarter bundle from Southern Fabric


  1. I had no idea that I inspired you to open the Summer Dress Challenge! It's been a lot of fun remaking clothes and seeing how others are remaking theirs as well.

  2. I saw Hannah's idea for the button hole and can't wait to try that to double the life of some of the girls' hair bows.


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