Saturday, March 23, 2013

another March Saturday

I am still lamenting the fact that it is far too cold for me on these first few days of spring.  It snowed twice this week. 

It even snowed on the morning that we had a bunch of friends over to dye Easter eggs! 

It was a little odd to have a spring party while we watched the snow fall! 

So what if it melted by the afternoon?  It was still cold enough to snow which is too cold. 

But I digress. 

The plan for this morning was a local kids' 100-yard dash and 1/2-mile race for Maddie, and then an Easter egg hunt following the run.  The weather forecast was not still not spring-y-- more cold and more wind.  Not what we would have chosen, but we bundled up and got going early.

I asked Maddie (my calm and cool child) before her run, "Are you excited?"

"Yes!" she replied. 

Next I asked, "Are you nervous?" to which she gave me an odd look and a long, drawn out, "Noooo..." 

She loved her first race experience. She was not the fastest, but she met her goal of running the entire course without stopping to walk. 

The Easter bunny in his fuzzy costume was probably the warmest of us all.  The sun was bright, but the wind was biting.

The egg hunt was separated  into 2 age divisions so Brian took the three oldest while I stayed with the two youngest.  They came away with quite the haul.  Gavin (my precise, math-brained child) made a chart showing me all the things he collected-- including 1 Reese's cup, 40 Hershey Kisses, 4 plastic trucks, 2 temporary tattoos, 1 hat, etc.-- all totaling 95 items. 

On our way home, someone commented, "This is the best day ever!" 

"Even better than Christmas?" Brian asked, to which the child replied, "YES!" 

(That sure takes the pressure off.  Next Christmas, maybe I'll buy a bunch of plastic eggs and hide them all over the house.  I bet it'd be a lot cheaper, too.)

The rest of this chilly Saturday included a 3-mile run in 16 mph winds (training for the run Brian and I are doing in April), jigsaw puzzles on the kitchen floor, baking a oatmeal chocolate cake for Sunday dinner dessert, a bit of Wii and homemade pizza for the kids, and an in-home date night for Brian and me with take-out and basketball on TV.

What are you doing this weekend?  Is your area of the country experiencing spring?


  1. Fun post!

    1) Way to go, Maddie! And it doesn't hurt to wear a girly-girl-athletic look for your first competitive run!

    2) I am smiling at Gavin charting his finds. :D

    3) We couldn't help but notice the large bunny in the background and wonder if Owen was cowering behind you.

    4) Love the picture of all five with their baskets.

    5) Yes, this fall-and-winter girl is ready for spring!

  2. I am experiencing a new kind of spring here- it's very green and beautiful! And our kids have an egg hunt at the city park this Saturday. Can't wait!


  3. Congratulations to Maddie- great job! We had a too busy weekend with little or no fun...I keep saying one of these days I will take Abi to a large egg hunt but I never remember to look for who is putting one on. Oh well- maybe next year.

  4. I would love your recipe for oatmeal chocolate cake! Our weekend here in Austin, TX involved going to birthday parties and yardwork.


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