Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's in the Bible? Easter Giveaway

When we finished our set of What's in the Bible? Old Testament DVDs we were more than a little disappointed that we needed to wait until February to begin the New Testament series.  When I received an e-mail asking me to review an advanced copy of the next DVD in the series,  I didn't cheer like my kids did when they found out, but I was excited, just the same.  I received a free copy of Volume 10 to review, but the great part about these DVDs is that I would recommend them anyway.

Each volume is divided into 2 episodes and this new volume, Volume 10, covers Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John-- the Gospels.  

The first episode opens with a description of what the New Testament means to us.  Phil Vischer describes it as coming into a story in the middle.  You begin the exciting part of an adventure story without knowing the background of how you got there.  You need the first part of the story (the Old Testament) to understand why this part of the story (the New Testament) needs to happen at all!  The episode also briefly reviews what we learned in the first nine volumes.  It touches on the historical events that occurred between the Testaments and reinforces the truth that we have been building up to all along-- the fact that we can never live up to the Law and that we are in desperate need of a Savior to rescue us. The first episode also lays a brief outline of each Gospel and explains how each is different and why we need four Gospels to tell the same story. 

The second episode shares details of Jesus' life and ministry, culminating in His death on the cross.  It also shares the plan of salvation and explains how each of us can become part of His kingdom. 

When we watch What's in the Bible? as a family, we begin by watching one episode.  Brian then leads us in discussion, using the discussion questions suggested on the insert in each DVD.  Then after we pray together, the kids gather at the dining room table to color.  Multiple coloring pages are available online for each volume, including the Volume 10 coloring pages seen by clicking here.

To purchase Volumes 1-10 for your family, click on the coupon below and enter BUNDLE10 at checkout to receive 20% off your order and free shipping!

Would you like to own BOTH Volume 1 (the first Old Testament DVD) and Volume 10 (the first New Testament DVD)?  Fill out the Rafflecopter form below for your chance(s) to win.  Giveaway ends Sunday, March 17 at 11:59 pm

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  1. We are planning a 12 days count down before Easter w/ our resurrection eggs. :)

  2. These DVDs would be wonderful for my grandchildren who I will visit after Easter. My favorite book of the Bible is Ruth - such an inspiration of faithfulness to women.

  3. I really wanna do the resurrection cookies this year

  4. We got the Christmas DVD and love it. I would really like to get more of them for us to enjoy with the kids.

    My favorite book of the Bible seems to be whichever one I am currently studying in depth. Right now, Genesis and 2 Timothy.

  5. We do an Easter Egg Hunt every year. As the kids get older I'm looking for cute ideas to help them understand what Easter is really about

  6. I want to do an Easter advent calendar but haven't made it yet!


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