Friday, July 19, 2013

In which I talk about reading and writing and 'rithmetic

The school planning continues.  My goals for this week were to formulate a basic weekly plan (history/geography daily, science twice a week, music once a week, P.E. class once a week, etc.) and to lay out a basic plan for the year (complete 6 units in music, complete a study of US geography before easing back into ancient/medieval history, etc.) I'm starting to get a feel for our year. 

I'm reminding myself constantly that schedules are only helpful if I am open to tweaking them as needed.  If math is too demanding or everyone hates our science book or the schedule doesn't leave enough time finish art without rushing or we get bored with something, it is okay to make a change!  

I promised to share more of our curriculum this week. The majority of our school day is spent together, but each child is given their own independent work in math and English that we call pencil time.  We used to call it table time, but since one kid always works in my bedroom and other kids sprawl out on the living room floor, we changed it to pencil time. 

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Gavin (age 10-11, 6th grade)
Daily: Saxon Math 76&  Grammar Practice Book
Monday/Wednesday: spelling dictation
Tuesday/Thursday:  Cursive Writing Practice: Jokes and Riddles (fall term), Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum** (spring term)

*For all of Gavin's elementary career, I searched for a math curriculum.  We sampled a few that were okay, but never found one we loved.  Last year I felt his reading comprehension was adequate enough to begin Saxon math which is largely self-taught.  I love it and he likes it as well as he would like any math.

**For less than $10 on Amazon, this typing program was a great deal for us.  Each child can sign in under his own name and set his own word-per-minute goals that are saved on the computer.  It can be used for multiple children and multiple years. 

Maddie (age 9, 4th grade)
Total Math, Grade 4A Reason For Handwriting: Cursive E

Owen (age 7, 2nd grade)
Daily: Total Math, Grade 4*,  Explode the Code 6**, and handwriting/copywork of US state names***

*Owen and Maddie are on the same level in math so I teach the lesson and they help each other understand the concepts. 

**He has been reading for about a year, but he needs confidence so I'm having him review with this workbook because the lessons are short and great "boy" fun. 

***I'm designing the copywork practice sheets myself and I plan to share when they are finished.

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  1. I love that you were able to find a typing program they can all use for many years. I've been thinking about adding in a little practice with the free BBC Dance Mat typing program


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