Friday, July 26, 2013

More on Memorizing Scripture

On Wednesday, I shared the list of scriptures we review with our memory box systemAllyson had a few more questions that I thought were worth discussing here. 

With your current setup, you review 3 different tabs each day, right? For the weeks of the month, you review those every day?

Yes, with our current arrangement, we review 3 tabs each day.  For example, when we begin our school year on August 6, we will review the Daily scripture, the Tuesday scripture, and the Week 1 of the Month scripture. The following day, we will review the Daily scripture, the Wednesday scripture, and the Week 1 of the Month scripture.  We will work on the Week 1 of the Month scripture every day until the next Monday when we move on to Week 2 of the Month scripture.  I've found that even if we skip a school day or take off a larger block of time for sickness or vacation, it's not usually necessary to play catch up.  We simply skip the scriptures we missed and review them again the next time they roll around in the rotation. 

Do you keep those the same every month or will you move them back into a once a month rotation as you learn more verses? 
I try to stay consistent and not move the verses around too much, but I each time we begin a new daily scripture, the former daily scripture has to move out and fill a new spot in the tabs.  Daily verses move into a day of the week tab, sometimes sharing space with another short scripture if necessary.  (I tend to keep the longer scriptures in the week of the month tabs.)  We are soon going to need to employ more tab categories to make room for the scriptures we plan to learn this year.  


It is worth noting that this scripture memory system can be done less formally, too. Maybe you learn scripture verses together as a family.  After you move on to a new verse, you could review all old verses one night a week. 

My friend, Flo, shared how she has taught scripture to her son: 

We memorized Psalm 23 as part of a nightly prayer. Then, when he had that down, we did the Lord's Prayer, and we review one or the other most nights. It took a week or two of me saying them alone, but then he began to jump in on the phrases he knew, and before long he knew them in their entirety.

I've often brought our memory box in the car with us as we run errands.  One of the older kids will give us a prompt and then we can review our scriptures as we drive down the road.  No excuses for not fitting Bible memory into our day! 

Part 1: A Peek Into Our Memory Box

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