Friday, July 25, 2014

6 Things We're Looking Forward To

I am always telling my kids to enjoy today, not to always be wishing for tomorrow.  There is nothing wrong with a little anticipation, though!  Here a few things our family is looking forward to:

1) Maddie is looking forward to her birthday.  She turns 10 this year and we're having a small tea party with some of her friends on Tuesday. Maddie's birthday is the kick-off of 4 birthdays in the next 5 weeks in our house!

2) We're all looking forward to having company over for pizza tomorrow night!  What's not to love about good food, a houseful of people, happy kids playing (ten of them altogether!), and plenty of adult conversation?

3) Alaine is looking forward to starting a new school year.  She has been asking for weeks.  Almost daily she says, "Are we starting school today?"  More than once she has said, "I'm going to go play {fill in the blank}, but call me when it's time for school!"  She doesn't have long to wait now.  Our first day is August 4.

4) I'm looking forward to reading a book that I just can't put down.  I'm in a reading slump.  I've not slacked off in volume, but I've had to push to finish the books I've read lately.  It takes the pleasure out of it.

5) Brian is looking forward to fall.  He likes his job and enjoys working outside, but the pace slows down drastically in October and he can start to breathe again.  In the fall, he can take a rain day without worrying about how he will make up the work. 

6) We are all looking forward to our "staycation." We often take a trip away from home in the fall, but we had several unexpected expenses come up this year so instead we're going to stick close to home. We'll take a few days off from responsibilities to enjoy some cheap local day trips.

What are you looking forward to?


  1. We're looking forward to Saturday night, too. We're also looking forward to the birth of baby #6 (still unnamed). I'm looking forward to cooler temperatures and feet that don't swell throughout the day :)

  2. We're in a state of flux right now - getting ready to move - getting ready for the school year - making job decisions - helping our folks through life and living situation enjoying the now, while anticipating the future is a biggie at our house - don't want to miss out on the simple joys of today...but pizza with friends, and a 10th birthday sound like great things to look forward to :)

  3. I was making a rendition of the casserole you brought you brought me after Ani was born and I was moved to write to you .Im sorry things went the way they did please forgive me for the things I said .I was hurt by the comments you made about something I was excited about but thats not an excuse. Its sad our friendship had to be severed because of what really just boils down to denominational differences .We had alot of years of good times ,which I will always cherish .Your kids are growing up beautifully by the way:)
    Take care and God bless you and your family

    (If you feel so inclined Im not blogging much anymore but you can find me on instagram @rayaclair


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