Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How Do You... Celebrate Independence Day?

How do you celebrate Independence Day?

Growing up, we attended a large family reunion every year.  We had a huge covered-dish picnic for lunch, went swimming, rode the motorboat, ate ice cream, and came home sunburned and exhausted.  We always begged my dad to take us to the fireworks in the evening and some years he complied.  As we got older, we added a new tradition.  On the evening of the 4th, we'd go out to dinner at an Italian restaurant and usually had the place to ourselves. When Brian and I started dating, we went to the fireworks every year together and brought my sister, Kati along, too.  Independence Day was a non-stop day of socialization and fun.

The 4th of July is lower key for our family of seven. Grass does not stop growing on holidays so Brian has to work every year unless it happens to fall on the weekend. The kids and I stay home and maintain our everyday routine.  When Brian comes home, we eat dinner (alas, rarely cook-our or picnic-y foods) and then go out for ice cream. 

This year may be different, though.  For the first time since he started his job over 11 years ago, there is a possibility that he will be off on the 4th this year. It's so iffy, though, that we have not made plans.  If he happens to be home, we'll probably do house projects or he'll cut our grass before continue on to our ice cream tradition. 

Though it blows bedtimes out of the water, we stay out late and attend a fireworks show every year.  Sometimes we have a kid or two watch from the car because the noise is too irritating for them.  Or sometimes it is like last year when Brian and I each held kids who whimpered and held their ears every time we heard a boom.  But it is our family tradition and it's how we like it.

This year, we read a fun book as a reminder of what we are celebrating on Independence Day.

Those Rebels, John and Tomby Barbara Kerley

How do you celebrate the 4th of July? 


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  1. We have a family water balloon fight every year, and then watch the firework show from our back grateful to be able to see the big show from our house.

    1. We used to live close enough to see the fireworks from our place, but now we have to drive. Thankfully, it's only about 10-15 minutes away by major highway so even the traffic isn't bad.

  2. We don't really have any traditions for July 4th (other than calling my brother to sing him Happy Birthday). I'd love to start a tradition of watching a fireworks display, but we haven't done that yet. I'm not sure if we'll try next year or if we'll wait until the following year since we'll still have a baby in the family
    next July 4th.


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