Monday, June 30, 2014

The Last Photo-a-Day... and a few outtakes

In June, I took my sister Kati's Photo-a-Day Challenge and posted my results about once a week.  This is my last installment of photos, captured during an weekend of family togetherness and tradition (which included a trip to Walmart and a thrift shop, among other places).


I chose to complete the photo challenge with no words (aside from the daily prompt word), but I'm making no restrictions on these outtakes.

I took this photo for Favorite Color (Day 2), but I couldn't get the lighting the way I wanted it.  We use these Ball jars for drinking glasses.  They were a Christmas gift from my hubby and they make me happy.  

I took this photo to use for Childhood (Day 8), but the little wet footprint dried too rapidly in the sun. 

I considered this photo for Backyard (Day 15), but it is not my backyard, plus I didn't take the photo.  I'm just in it. 

I took a photo of this arrangement that sits on a table in my living room several times-- Flower (Day 12), Something Old (Day 18), Book (Day 20)-- but it never made the cut.

I mixed up the days and took this photo of our morning banana drink for Refreshing (Day 19) before I realized it was only Day 16! 

This was the runner-up for Green (Day 22).

I wanted to use this action shot for Hot (Day 24), but it seemed to illustrate the word sunny more than the word hot.

And finally, I wanted so badly to find a way to make these photos from our visit with our new niece (the kids' cousin) fit Cold (Day 25), but  this sweet little bundle was snuggly and warm-- not a bit cold.




  1. I love your outtakes and I love your courage to not explain your photo choices along the way. I always feel like I have to explain. Maybe next time I'll be brave. :)

  2. I love all the photos, but the ones of that new little girl are just amazing (maybe even more so because I'm eagerly awaiting my own baby girl).


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