Friday, June 13, 2014

More Photo-a-Day

This month, I am taking my sister Kati's Photo-a-Day Challenge and posting my results about once a week.  This is my second installment of photos, captured during a hot and sunny, humid and rainy, indoor and outdoor type of week.




  1. Great pictures! I love the childhood one :)

  2. More great pics!!
    Dott is quite photogenic...she looks like she is posing.
    What makes a kiddie pool even better? High-powered water guns!! The faces tell the tale. :D
    Of course, the Lindt bar also got my attention...

    1. Posing she was not! She did not want her photo taken and Gavin and I had to chase her around the yard trying to get a good shot. Finally she went up in the play house to get away from us, but I was able to capture this shot from the porch. :-)

  3. Bekah and I thought you might choose to photograph Dott for the "dot" day. :) The kids look like they are having fun with the pool!

  4. Kristin, My favorite is the upside down one, I thought the Lindt one was a great idea and super flowers are bright and cheery. Sylvia D


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