Monday, June 16, 2014

The Best of the Book Comments

This is part 7 of my Based on the Book series. First I talked about 4 books that I thought were superior to their movie counterparts.  The following week it was 2 movies that I liked better than the original books.  I also shared a few choices that were too close to call, wrote a book review, and discussed 3 books that will be made into movies this year.  In part 6, I shared 2 book/movie combos that didn't neatly fit any category.

My favorite part of this series has been the discussion in the comments. Today I'm highlighting some of my favorite comments from the previous 6 posts!

Notes From The Comments
   {All book and movie titles are Amazon affiliate links.}

In regards to Anne of Green Gables being equally excellent in book and movie form...

Allyson said, "I agree with all three of your choices. I watched the Anne movies and Little Women before reading the books and while I love the extra details in the books, I still love the movies (except for The Continuing Story."

Cheryl (my mom) said, "Anne of Green Gables...swoon! I saw the movies first and fell in love with Anne. But I also loved Anne of Green Gables completely.  P.S. Allyson and Kristin, I totally agree with you about The Continuing Story."

Oh, yes,
The Continuing Story is best forgotten. 


In regards to a movie/book I forgot to mention...

Jenna said,  "I think I'd add Pride and Prejudice to the list. I LOVE the book.  But I really love the newest version of the movie as well. I thought they did a great job of interpreting the story and characters considering you only get about two hours to tell the whole book!" 

I agree!  


In regards to the The Chronicles of Narnia series...

Heather said,  "I think the Chronicles of Narnia books are far superior than any of their movie renditions. Probably because I 'knew' in my mind how everyone is supposed to look and sound in the books, and the casting directors didn't consult me!  ;-) Plus, I get irked when movies change plot details."

to which Allyson said, "I definitely agree that these books are better than the movies, even thought I thought the movies were well done. I felt like some of the plot changes actually changed the integrity and like-ability of the characters."


In regards to one more movie/book I forgot to mention...

Cheryl (my mom) said, "Two disappointments come to mind immediately when considering movies based on books.The first is The Last of the Mohicans.  I can understand why sometimes a director will add some dramatic elements to "sell" a movie (even if I don't like the changes), but this movie changed such little details that, to me, seemed pointless.  (For example, why reverse the characters of Cora and Alice? What did that accomplish...except maybe to confuse someone who had read the book?)


The discussion is the best part of this series!  Do you have anything to add?  Have you read either of these books or watched the movies?  What did you think? 


  1. Seems that I was a bit opinionated in this movie/book discussion. ;)

    1. Nah! There were plenty of other comments by a variety of people, but these were some of my favorites!

  2. I really enjoyed your book/movie discussions.


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