Friday, May 15, 2015

A Coal Miner's Bride (and book-to-movie adaptations you might want to check out)

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I've mentioned that my to-read  list is out of control.  I'm making a conscious effort to only add must-reads, but my list still holds enough books to last me through early next year, without adding another one.  Despite this, Kati and I decided to tackle our Sisters Book Challenge for the third year.

I read my third selection from the list in April.  It was perfect timing.  I was in my last super-intense week of half-marathon training.  I ran more miles that week than I have ever run in a 7-day period.  My body was tired.  My mind was tired. 

But if you know me, you know I'm never without a book.  Even in my weary state, I needed something to read in my down time so I picked up A Coal Miner's Bride: the Diary of Anetka Kaminska.  Considered juvenile literature, it was just easy enough to not tax my tired brain but still well-written with a touch of suspense.   (Plus, a good book is not bound by age-restraints.)  I also liked that since it was written in diary form, I could read for as little or as long as I wanted...or until I needed a nap.

A Coal Miner's Bride: the Diary of Anetka Kaminska
follows the story of a young teen who immigrates to Pennsylvania to marry at man she has never met.  She needs passage to the United States and he needs someone to care for his house while he works. Due to some mild subject matter, I would not recommend the book to young elementary-age children, but older children should find this glimpse of American history fascinating.

the list Kati gave me this year


the list I gave Kati

It's worth noting that  Kati and I each recommended a book that is, or will be, adapted for the screen this year.

Kati recommended Unbroken which I read a few months ago. Brian and I plan to watch the DVD for "movie night/date night" tomorrow evening.

I recommended  The Light Between Oceans, a story set post-World War I in Australia.  The movie comes to theaters later this year.

For more book-to-movie discussion, check out my  Based on the Book blog series.

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  1. We watched Unbroken recently haven't read the book, powerful story. Knowing nothing of the story before hand I was not expecting the seeming endless suffering he endured , that was pretty much the entire scope of the movie.


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