Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm Back! (Part 1)

When I last posted, I did not intend to take a two month break from blogging.  Pregnancy had other plans.  If you follow my blog on Facebook, you read when I announced my sixth pregnancy at the beginning of July.  By then, I was starting to move out of my early pregnancy least a little.

We found out about this pregnancy at the end of May and less than two weeks later, the morning sickness moved in.  I've suffered from pretty nasty morning sickness with each of pregnancies.  When I was pregnant with Gavin almost 13 years ago, I was still throwing up about three weeks before he was born!  This time was milder and only lasted at its worst for a month.  Without delving too far into TMI territory, I dealt with nausea more than vomiting. It was still miserable. I watched far too much TV. I didn't clean nearly as often as I should and each week felt as though it  lasted for at least 2.

June was a rough month.  I tried to keep up with summer activities for the kids' benefit, but it was a struggle.  Mornings were my best time so I did as much as could and went as many places as possible before lunch. By afternoon, I was nauseous and by evening, I sat on the couch, not moving or talking.  I took only a handful of pictures the whole month and most of those were on Father's Day.  No one complained, though, and the kids made the best of it, pitching in daily to wash dishes, do the laundry, and put the youngest kids to bed.  

I saw my midwife for the first time in July. The baby was measuring a little larger than expected so I either have a big baby or my due date is a few days earlier than I calculated.  Either way, I'm due the third or fourth week of January.

I've been asked if this pregnancy has felt different, being older.  When Alaine was born, I was 2 weeks past turning 30.  I'll be 35 when this baby is born.  Overall, I feel healthier.  I have a regular exercise routine and I eat better.  (Not appetite is crazy...but my choices are better.)  I am experiencing more fatigue.  It's possible that it's a result of my age, but I think it's simply the way my first trimester is choosing to present itself.  I am barely into the second trimester, but I typically don't reap the benefits of the "easier" trimester until closer to 15-16 weeks.

I'll try not to stay away so long this time.  I plan to write soon about my experience with running while pregnant, what we did in the month of July after I started feeling better, and our plans for starting school in August.


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