Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I'm Back! (Part 2)

Yes,  June was a hard month.  I didn't really begin to enjoy our summer vacation until the very end of June (which is unfortunate since we start back to school at the beginning of August). Though I tried to make our life and our schedules continue on as normal while I was sick, July was the month to redeem our summer.

My brother and his family came for a visit on the first good weekend I had experienced in awhile.  I felt mostly normal for two out of three days.  We talked, ate, and ate some more.  Oddly enough, grazing is the one thing that keeps my morning sickness somewhat manageable (as long as I avoid sugar and up my protein).

me with my siblings, Ryan, Kati, & Bekah

After Ryan and his wife, Sarah, went back home, three of their kids stayed for an extended visit with my parents. On July 1, my mom and I took all nine kids (my five, my brother's three, and my sister) to the beach for a perfect morning of sun, sand, and gentle waves. 

By lunchtime, we were ready for a fun lunch outside at Dairy Queen.  (Even if the kids weren't ready to leave, my pregnant tummy was ready to eat!)

The following week was VBS at our church.  Gavin and I volunteered as helpers, me in the kindergarten class and Gavin as part of rec crew.  The other four attended and had a blast!  We had to be out of the house at 8 every morning for a week.  We joked that we were getting a taste of what it would be like if we had to leave for school every day (minus packing lunches!).

VBS week was a little crazy.  We had to have our air conditioner repaired on Monday (after the interior temperature of the house hit 93).  I had my first ultrasound in the middle of the week.  My midwife's office is about 45 minutes away.  On the drive home, I stopped for gas and a station worker came over to my van, told me I needed air in my front tire, and walked away. By now it was raining and I had no quarters for the air machine.  Gavin went in the store for change and Brian talked me through the steps via phone to put air in the tire.  We made it home and Brian put the spare on the van, but when I got up early the next morning to go for a run I noticed the spare was flat.  I still went running, but cut it short so I could clean up and gather the whole crew to leave the house at 7 am instead.  Brian went into work a little late and the kids were thrilled to have a extra-special breakfast at Dunkin' Donut while we got a new tire put on the van...and still made it to VBS by 9 am. 

The following week was busy but calmer. A highlight of our week was meeting a big group of friends at the park to play, visit the zoo, and have a picnic. The weather was delightful-- warm with low humidity and a breeze.  We were anticipating a heat wave within a couple of days so we soaked up the goodness. 

That weekend, the kids had their annual summer sleepover at my parents' house. 

The kids enjoyed every minute of it, but sometime before she came home, Alaine got multiple mosquito bites on her arms and legs.  She couldn't stop scratching so we applied topical Itch-X cream.  When she woke up Monday morning, she had hives all over her legs, several patches on her arms, and a patch on her chin.  It was either a reaction to the many, many bites or an ingredient in the Itch-X. A cool bath relieved the intense itching for several hours. After that, we used cool compresses, and dose of Benadryl before bed got her through until morning when the hives were gone.

Good thing because the next day was our annual summer outing to Chuck E. Cheese with my mom and sister.  Last year we thought maybe our group was out-growing this tradition and suggested a few alternatives, but they vetoed them in favor of continuing.  I guess it's hard to outgrow pizza and games.

Alaine (4), Ben (6), Owen (almost 9), Maddie (almost 11), Gavin (12), Bekah (14)

Over the weekend, we went shopping for school supplies since we start school a mere six days from now.  A certain little kindergartener was especially excited! 

We had to stay home from church on Sunday because a yucky stomach bug hit our family, but some of the well ones spent time outside tossing the football (and jumping in the wading pool in their clothes!).

Today, birthday season begins in our house with Maddie's 11th birthday. She is thankful that, so far, she has escaped the germs  and can fully enjoy her day.  (I, unfortunately, did not avoid the sickness, and while I am much better, I'm hoping I have the strength to cook her birthday dinner tonight!)


  1. Bless you, Kristin! What a fun July you've had. We start school at the beginning of August too! Though August 3rd is Kyle's 10th birthday, so we'll start August 4th! I'm excited to get back to it! This is Rachel's last year!


    1. Our plan was to start August 3 and I love to stick to a plan! ;-) BUT after being sick this week and just now getting back my strength and motivation, I'm considering doing a slow start in the middle of the week.

  2. It looks like your family has had a fun July. I'm glad you're feeling better!

    Eliya's excited to start school as well!

  3. Whew! That's an awful lot of fun (and a little bit of not-so-fun)!


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