Friday, November 20, 2015


I remember when Gavin was a little boy and couldn't remember which shoe went on what foot.  To help him, I printed with permanent marker on the inside of each shoe.  On the left shoe, I wrote GA and the right shoe, VIN.  Before running outside, he would place his shoes so that his name was spelled correctly, and then he would be sure his shoes were on the proper feet.

Last week he started complaining that his sneakers were too tight.  The new shoes that we bought him are adult mens', size 9!  He is not a little boy anymore.

I am not overly sentimental and I'm one who longs for the days when my kids were tiny, but I am aware of the passage of time.  Gavin will be thirteen in a few weeks so the time with him in our home is fleeting. 

You don't even know what tomorrow will bring-- what your life will be! For you are like smoke that appears for a little while, then vanishes." James 4:14 (HCS

I am savoring the days as I watch him grow into a man.

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  1. They do grow so fast. Of course it doesn't seem like it during the years when all your children are young. You are blessed to have your 6 kids and that you have a gap, like we did. We won't be empty nesters until we are in our 60's! We're okay with that!



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