Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pickles and Ice Cream and Pancakes

I've never been a fan of pickles, and ice cream is only mildly tempting right now, but I have had another pregnancy craving this week: pancakes. I've resisted for two reasons.  The first is that even though it turned out I do not have gestationsl diabetes, I still try to limit my simple carbs.  The second is that I wake up hungry so protein or complex carbs best keep me satiated through the morning.

My go-to breakfasts consist of things like overnight oats with whole milk Greek yogurt, crockpot steel cut oatmeal with chia seeds, hard boiled eggs, or these delicious sweet potato banana muffins that my friend, Allyson, gave me over the weekend.   So white flour with butter and maple syrup don't often make the cut.

Lest you think I deprive myself, Maddie and I made a s'mores cheesecake yesterday, complete with white sugar, butter, hot fudge sauce, and marshmallows.  We took it to share at our fellowship dinner at church this evening because the two of us are the only ones at our house who eat cheesecake, and we couldn't eat that much cheesecake alone if we tried!  It was divine (and that is not too strong a word).

Back to my pancake craving...when I saw a recipe for these cottage pancakes that were high in protein and low in carbs, I knew I had my answer.  The ingredient list was short and simple and things I often have on hand.

Except I didn't.

I was out of cottage cheese.

Enter Brian.  Yesterday he had a rain day from work and when he decided to head out to run a few errands, I asked if he would mind going to the grocery store to pick up only one thing.  Understanding my pregnant cravings (as well as a man can!), he obliged. 

While the cheesecake was cooling on the counter, I made a full batch of these.  I did all of my mixing in the blender. 

One batch of batter made 16 pancakes.  Some went into the refrigerator for my breakfasts today and tomorrow.  The rest I put in the freezer in individual portions.

This morning I enjoyed a delicious...and protein-packed...pancake breakfast!

So help a pregnant woman out: do you have a breakfast recipe that is high on protein or complex carbs? Share in the comments!


  1. I'm so glad you liked the sweet potato banana muffins. I tweaked the recipe a bit with less oil and adding some oats for good measure :) I've also been experimenting with a Greek yogurt shredded carrot muffin. I'll let you know when I get it right :)

    1. They were/are delicious! And I like the idea of the carrot muffins, too. Do they have a carrot cake feel or are they different?


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