Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How Macie Got Her Name

Now that her name is no longer a secret, I am itching to share the details.  When we found out I was pregnant, there was no question we would find out the gender.  Well, maybe there was little question. I always think it's be fun to be surprised like when we were expecting our third (who turned out to be a boy-- Owen!), but no one else in my house agrees.  Even I had to admit that knowing the gender would help since in the 5+ years since our last baby, we had scaled down, loaned out, and given away the baby clothing and gear and didn't have much left. 

We decided that since we would find out our baby's gender, and since we didn't want to keep it under our hats for 4 months, we would keep the name a secret instead!

By my ultrasound at 20 weeks, we had mostly settled on a boys' name: Jeremiah, using Jeremy as his nickname and most likely Zane as his middle name.   And then of course, we found out we were having a girl.  We were far from agreed on a girls' name! 

We talked and talked and talked about names and slowly came up with a list of five: Violet, Isla, Gretchen, Seraphina, and Willow. When we discussed it further, though, we realized that my #1 name was Brian's #5 and vice versa. 

So we scratched them all and started over.

I decided to have a little fun and ask for name suggestions on Facebook.  I pored through the names and told Brian to have a look.  One night before bed, he was scrolling through the ideas on his phone and said, "I like the name Macie."  I thought for a moment and said, "I think I do, too."  That was the closest we had come to a unified opinion so we went to sleep and let it sit overnight.

The next afternoon while Brian was at work, we texted back and forth about names.  I think I said something like, "Do we really want to settle something so important via text message?"  But we did and we also decided to use one of our former Top 5 names, Violet, as her middle name.  

And that is how Macie Violet got her name.

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