Monday, January 4, 2016

Keeping Christmas Alive in January

In December, I shared a few ideas for how to make the Christmas season a purposeful one, one focusing on the meaning of the holiday.

But I get it. Sometimes December is too full to add anything extra.  That's why a few years ago, the kids and I waited until January to read and learn our way through the Names of Jesus {Advent} Cards.  The original set is from my friend Allyson's blog, but I created my own second set with different names, plus a 6-card expansion pack

This past fall, Brian began a new book for our family devotions. We are reading  God's Namesby Sally MichaelBrian reads one chapter/section aloud each Monday night at dinner.  A few other nights per week, we review what we've read.  We've only studied 6-7 names of the 26 in the book, but for each one, Brian wrote name of God on the front of an index card and included the meaning on the back.  I'll be the first to admit that the kids are far better at remembering the names and meanings than I am! 

Both of these resources are an excellent way of continuing to dwell on what we've learned through the Christmas season ...and preparing our hearts for next Christmas, too!


  1. I love that you use the names of Jesus cards. We didn't have time to add them in this December, so we're reviewing them now. I think you said you added them to your memory does that work?

    1. My kids wanted to try to memorize all the names from the cards so one day per week (usually Friday), they go around the table naming as many as they can. If they say one, I lay it out on the table and then they keep going. It's impressive because they've done it so long now that they almost always get them all-- over 50 of them!! On days when we don't have as much time, they each draw 1-2 out of the memory box and tell everyone else at the table what that name means.


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