Friday, January 4, 2013

Names of Jesus Learning and Memory Cards

During the month of December, the kids and I spent our morning Bible time studying the many names of Jesus, using my friend Allyson's Names of Jesus Advent Cards.    Memorization was never one of our goals, but they challenged each other every day to remember as many as possible.  On the last day before Christmas break, Brian promised them a treat if they could name all 25.  They listed 24 names and then stalled out.  (They got a treat anyway.)

Since there are many more than 25 names for Jesus...and since my children responded so well to this learning format...and since Jesus does not end when the Christmas decorations get packed away, I asked Allyson if she would mind if I created my own follow-up set of 25 Names of Jesus Learning and Memory Cards

We plan to begin studying these new cards when we start back to school in February, but they could also be tucked away (or pinned) until next December when Advent season begins again. 

"If Christmas does not mean everything in July, then in truth it means nothing in December. If I need a cooling in the weather and the sight of familiar decorations to cause my heart to leap like a lamb--  if my heart cannot celebrate today as I consider the birth of our Lord Jesus, then Christmas reveals a problem in me."
~Michael Card~

Would you like to print a set of these cards?
Click here for your FREE download!

Download the Expansion Pack with 6 additional cards!-- new December 2013


  1. How wonderful that your kids were able to recall 24 names of Jesus! I'm so excited about your set of Names of Jesus cards. We'll definitely be adding them to our collection. I also love (and completely agree with) the quote you shared. In fact Tim and I are tossing around ideas for making the celebration of Christmas year-round.

  2. Love them! What a great idea for kids and us adults :). Stopping by from Pin Me

  3. These are wonderful! Thank you so much for such a great resource.

  4. Wonderful way to remember the names of Jesus. I am telling my kids about the miracles of Jesus and after miracles surely I will make use of these cards to tell my kids about the names of Jesus. Great work.


  5. I love this! I haven't been diligent with blog reading the last few months and I missed this!


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