Thursday, January 31, 2013

How Do You...Keep Track of Library Books?

How do you keep your library books separate from your other books?

Our family of seven has five library cards. Each library card is allowed a maximum of fifty items which means the potential for many, many books to enter our home.  How in the world do we keep track of it all and avoid the dreaded library fines? 

We have set places for library items that the entire household is aware of.  We've had this system for so long that it is second nature and even the little ones do not have to be reminded to return items to their places when they are done looking. 

This is what works for our family's library books:
  • picture books go in a large basket in the living room
  • school books are stacked on a shelf in the dining (school) room
  • the older kids' chapter books go on a shelf in the living room 
  • books ready to be returned are placed in a large tote bag in the coat closet

How do you keep track of your library books (and avoid fines!)?   Let us know in the comments.


  1. Our cards have a limit of 99 books each. We have crates under the edge of my desk by the front door to hold them.

  2. Right now we still have only one card for our family and find that it is usually enough. Although our oldest will be getting her own card soon.

    Library books also have a set place in our home, right now a sturdy basket/bag that my brother and sister-in-law brought us from Guatemala.

    I also don't let the kids take library books upstairs to their bedroom, but only because our kids are all younger and I dread lost books.

  3. We pretty much keep the books on my card or one other kid card. That way I have only one or two lists to keep track of!

    We do love books and have a big home library.


  4. Our Library has a limit of 10 items per card, but our librarian is great about letting me check out more than the limit on one card rather than having to use more cards. We live in a small town. We have a set place where our library books belong and we try to only keep them downstairs. We also get e-mail reminders about which books are due the day before they are due and I can easily renew them or make sure we take them back with us to the library if it is our library day.


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