Monday, January 28, 2013

a Reading Buffet

A gentle rain melted much of the snow in our yard this morning.  The snow plow finally came and cleared our road this afternoon (of course, not until after I made a slippery trek to the grocery store).  Then the sun peeped out so Brian and I went for our first run in days. 

Still...still, there were winter hours left to cozy up with our books!  The pages are flying fast around here.  These are the books you'd find lying on tables and shelves if you browsed around our house.

Brian's selections: Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson and The Resolution for Men by Stephen and Alex Kendrick with Randy Alcorn

My selection (that I can barely put down!):  The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

Gavin's selections:  America's Shark Lady the Complete Adventures of Eugenie Clark by Ann McGovern and LEGO Batman: Visual Dictionary

Maddie's selection: Junie B., First Grader: One-Man Band by Barbara Park

Owen's selection:  Henry and Mudge: The First Book by Cynthia Rylant

We managed to read a chapter from two of our read-alouds, too (Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Midnight Visitor and The BFG ), but we ran out of time for our third (Rebecca and the Movies).

As the little ones were heading off to bed, we read their current favorite picture book, Huff & Puff: Can You Blow Down the Houses of the Three Little Pigs? by Claudia Rueda.

What are you reading today?


  1. Sounds like lots of great reading is going on in your home! I just posted our 15 Favorite Snow Books for Kids. We've been reading quite a few of those recently.

    I'm finishing up Kisses from Katie and Tim's enjoying Multiply by Francis Chan.

    Tim's also reading The Berenstain Bear Scouts & the Run-amuck Robot to the kids and I'm halfway through All-of-a-Kind family with the kids.

  2. Always reading here! Since Abi is on a big American girl kick we started Kaya yesterday. I just finished a book called Heart's Safe Passage by Laurie Alice Eakes so tonight I am starting the 911 series by Teri Blackstock. I have been wanting to ask opinions on the Junie B. June books for Abi because my niece is reading them. How does Maddie like them?

  3. We've gotten quite a few of the Junie B. Jones audio books from the library and all of the kids love them! I would not call them fine literature, but the stories are cute.


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