Sunday, August 7, 2016

Podcasts for People Who Don't Listen to Podcasts

I am a committed podcast listener, but maybe you are not.  I didn't think I would be either until I listened to a podcast on a run a couple of years ago.  It felt like having a friend along and kept me occupied far longer than music on the long, slow, half-marathon training runs.  I can't do audio books without my mind wandering, but a podcast is different.  It's my way to politely eavesdrop on an interesting conversation.

Now I can scarcely find time to run since between school, laundry, and having a baby, running has slipped to the bottom of my priorities list, but I still keep up with my podcasts in the car, while doing dishes, or while nursing Macie.  

I don't deny that I have OCD tendencies (more accurately, OCPD) so I used to feel that if I listened to one episode of a podcast, I needed to listen to every episode of that particular podcast.  Lately I've been finding joy in sampling a wide variety of podcasts and only listening to the topics that grab my attention.  (Novel idea, huh?)

So maybe you don't think podcasts are for you, but if you are wanting to test the waters, these three episodes were my favorites from the past two weeks.

"Assigned Versus Free Reading", episode 46 of Read Aloud Revival

The highlights for me:

  • a surprising thing that often happens with late readers
  • What is light versus difficult reading?

"Crushing Misconceptions About Homelessness", episode 59 of Sorta Awesome

3 questions that were addressed:

  • What are the best ways to help?
  • Should people who help the homeless earn a salary?
  • Is refusing to give money to someone on the street the "wise" thing to do?

"Resolving Sibling Conflict", episode 126 of God Centered Mom

Convicting words:

  • As parents, we should focus on relationships and true reconciliation rather than simply squelching arguments.
  • We need to model correct attitudes for our children before we can expect them to have proper attitudes.

Do you listen to podcasts?  Where?  In the car? Around the house?

Do you listen to audio books?

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