Sunday, August 21, 2016

Teeth Week

It was a week of teeth (and another birthday and sickness and compromised sleep) at our house.

Macie got her first tooth.  It brought smiles from all of us as we discovered her new milestone.  It's really special to be the youngest of six and have everyone ooh and aah over your every move!

It produced a few tears from her. The tears could probably be more accurately attributed to a cold/fever virus that passed through our house. The cold...or the tooth...or the violent thunderstorms prompted her to wake more often than usual a couple nights.

Yawn!  Brian and I are a little behind on our sleep as Macie was not the only child who woke us with sickness woes this week. 

Alaine lost her first two teeth.  They had both been loose for over a month, and on Thursday morning (my 36th birthday!) the first fell out into her hand with little fanfare and no blood at all.  The tooth fairy came for a visit, but she was out of dollar bills so she borrowed one from Maddie before leaving it under Alaine's pillow! On Friday evening, the second tooth followed, thankfully after the tooth fairy had been been to the bank.

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