Saturday, November 1, 2008

Slingin' Saturday-- The New Native Baby Carrier

Welcome to Slingin' Saturday! This is the first of my baby carrier reviews. In case you missed my intro on baby wearing, click here.

I decided to test The New Native Baby Carrier first. This carrier is a pocket pouch carrier. It is so easy to use-- simply slip it on over your head and one shoulder (like a messenger bag) and fit the baby down into the pocket. (There is a tacking stitch at the top of the carrier to aid in putting it on correctly and so the carrier cannot get unfolded.) There are multiple ways to hold your baby. For infants, it is best to cradle them so they get adequate head and neck support. (Ben prefered being cradled slightly upright.) As your baby grows, you can switch to a kangaroo hold in which your baby sits in the pocket facing out or a hip hold where the pocket supports him on your hip. All posititions allow you to have both hands free!

Benjamin and I both fell in love with this carrier right away! We started using it around the house in the first few days after we came home from the hospital. I put him in it to brush my teeth, get the older kids dressed, bake a cake, blow dry my hair, anything I needed to do while he was awake but I needed my hands. Often he fell asleep, lulled by my movement. At about two weeks, we made our first outing to Walmart and I did my shopping with him in the carrier. The same weekend, we took a walk in the woods and he snuggled in the pouch out of the wind and took a nap.

The New Native Carrier model that I have is black cotton and retails for $44 plus shipping. Sizing is easy. As opposed to other carriers that have complicated sizing methods, with The New Native Carrier, you simply choose a size based on what size t-shirt you wear! Everything about this carrier is easy. It can even be washed and dryed along with the rest of your laundry. I highly recommend this sling!

Don't forget to keep checking back for my sling giveaway this winter where I'll be giving away one of the slings I review!


  1. I've never owned a baby carrier but I'm really interested in purchasing one. Do you ever fear that the baby will slip out? Besides this carrier can you recommend any others? Kylie loves to be held close so the investment into a carrier my be well worth it!

  2. Very nice review. I have seen these advertised on blogs. Never tried one though.


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