Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Owen sat statue-still while the clippers rounded his fine hair one morning.  He was only moved by Benjamin's jostles as he tried to play with the falling hair. 

Lord, it so easy when things are smooth.

"Now, Owen, I'm just about done except for trimming with the scissors around your ears."  I felt his shoulders tense. 

"Are you going to do it today?" he asked.

Lord, I'm not ready for your pruning.  Can't we wait awhile?

"Yes, of course." I replied.  "It is part of the haircut.  Waiting until tomorrow would be funny, silly boy!" 

Child, My training is a part of the life I have for you. 

I set to work brushing off the clippers and retrieving the thin pair of sharp scissors.  Owen's body slunk lower onto the stool.  He began to whine and press his hands over his ears.  "Are you going to cut me?"

But Lord, I'm afraid it is going to hurt!

"Honey, I would never cut you, but I need you to hold still while I work."  No amount of gentle words could convince him... until he decided to trust me. 

Okay, Lord, I'm putting my hands down now.  I trust you.

A couple of careful snips and the haircut was complete. 



  1. Its so cool how you bring to mind the Lord in these little everyday situations.
    And Owens so funny:)

  2. This is such a sweet post. Even a little hair cut can remind us of God's love and grace!

  3. Such sweet words dear Kristin... such a loving interaction...


  4. Great analogy, Kristin. It's amazing the things God teaches us and lets us see when only we'll open up to his plan and trust him.

  5. Beautiful blog. Your sensitivity to God's spirit is uplifting. God had your blog in mind for me today. (I was just googling someone else's blog and came upon yours) You've got a beautiful talent with your writing, keep blogging.



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