Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Have I Mentioned We Have a Cat?

Back in February, when we adopted out dog, Finn, it was a long thought-out process.  Two of the boys said they would prefer we get a cat instead, but we ultimately chose a dog, and once Finn joined our family, we were all content with our pet situation. 

Last Monday, while preparing a quick breakfast before leaving for the grocery store, one of the kids noticed a furry black face, peering in our back door.  It was a small, long-haired black cat with glowing yellow eyes. We had noticed a black cat in our neighbors' yard many times so we assumed she was theirs.  Still, she seemed hungry so we fed her a dollop of tuna fish and then went on our way. 

When we returned home, she was gone, but she turned up again that evening, mewing at the back door for more food.  She was immensely friendly, not even minding when Alaine, our kitty enthusiast, rubbed her fur the wrong way.  The kids began begging to keep her, but we told them that she was probably the neighbors' cat and only visiting for a bite to eat. 

...but she was back the next day and began napping and sunning by the door.  She didn't seem to have plans to leave.  The questions and the pleadings continued from the kids.  They spent hours outside on the back deck, playing and rubbing and talking to the cat while she soaked up the attention.  When Finn visited her little corner of the world, though, she growled (yes, this cat growls!) and batted at his nose.  He jumped five feet backwards and decided to leave her in peace. 

On Tuesday evening, Brian, Maddie, and Gavin, carried the cat next door to return her, but as soon as they entered the yard, they were greeted by the "original" black cat, perched in a lawn chair.  They turned back around and carried the cat back home where Brian tentatively agreed to keep her.  We may have made the choice to adopt our dog, but it seems the cat decided to adopt us. 

So in addition to our energetic 40+ pound puppy, Finn, we now welcome a tiny, maybe 5 pound, fluffy-tailed cat named Kitt. 


  1. My in-laws had a cat "adopt" them years ago. They "named" the cat Cat, in order to avoid giving it a real name and feeling overly connected to this cat that they didn't really want to take care of. Well, they moved 20 miles away and the cat moved with them! I figured at that point, they should probably start calling it "their cat" finally! I'm glad to know that they're not the only ones to have a cat adopt them!

  2. Cats tend to do that, don't they? ;-)


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