Friday, May 18, 2012

Water Water Everywhere

Owning our own home has been a lifestyle adjustment.  It is a good adjustment, but we went from renters who didn't have to paint or cut the grass or fix the pipes to owners who are responsible for everything!   We've had to learn to prioritize because it is tempting to jump into all of our projects at once.  Still, we made the decision when we moved here that if we started a project, we wanted it done the right way the first time so we're using restraint and  taking our time. 

The house has needed to be power washed since the day we moved in.  Parts of the siding were filthy, but others things took precedence.  As we ticked off the necessary fixes last summer and over the winter, I decided that I was tired of looking at grimy siding and that power washing needed to be at the top of the list for spring.  Of course, I was at Brian's mercy, but he agreed that it needed doing so last Saturday we geared up for a cleaning day. 

I admit I was a little too  giddy watching the dirty water stream down the side of the house.  I even tried my hand at the power washer a time or two.  Gavin took a turn, too.  We were all a little obsessed. 

The girls and I left for a baby shower in the afternoon, but when we returned, the house was white.  Not egg shell or off-white or gray, but a sunny, bright white... until Finn jumped up and put his muddy paw print by the door.  It was good while it lasted. 

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  1. Right now we're enjoying being renters, but we are so looking forward to being in our own home someday. I think your siding looks great!

  2. That looks so nice!!! We're renters, and as such, the sides of our mobile are grungy. I would love it if our landlord would power wash! He had one going last summer and even did a portion of the back of the house. I was so excited thinking he was doing it all, but he only did one area. :(

    Some day! :)


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