Sunday, January 13, 2013

a January Saturday

Today (Sunday) is Brian's 34th birthday.  However, we celebrated at home yesterday on a warm, foggy Saturday, perhaps the warmest Brian has ever experienced on his usually wintery birthday!

For dinner, we ate  herbed beef stew and  honey cornbread with mint chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  (Click on the highlighted words for recipes. They're some good ones!)

After the meal,  the kids gathered around their daddy with cards and the pictures they had been drawing and hiding under the bed all throughout the week.

We also gave him a giant card that we made together (complete with enough candy to last him weeks).  It said:

We were going to give you a WHOPPer-ing 100 GRAND for your birthday, but the $ slipped through our BUTTERFINGER-s.  We didn't have an EXTRA WHATCHAMACALLIT to sell and it wasn't PAYDAY.  We didn't think another pet KITKAT, a trip to New YORK, or an ORBIT around the MILKY WAY would be good.  We do want to wish you MOUNDS of ALMOND JOY  We hope it doesn't make you ROLO-ver and get sick as you eat this gift! 

Your fave AIRHEADS

After our mini festivities, Alaine went to bed while the boys gathered in their room for a LEGO building session.  Maddie and I headed out for for a Miss America viewing party with my mom and sisters, and Brian stayed  home to watch his favorite football team, who won their game and are headed to the NFC Championship game next Sunday.

A happy January Saturday.


  1. That card is so cute! My husband just had his birthday last week, but I might have to remember this for next year!

  2. That card is fantastic!! :) And happy birthday to Brian!

  3. Love the card!! What a great idea!!


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