Saturday, January 26, 2013

the last January Saturday

We had plans for today, this last Saturday of January.  They weren't the athletic plans of last week or the celebratory plans of the week before.  Today, Brian and  three friends were going to disassemble, load, and move a large swing set to our house from a friend's house a few miles down the road.   

But then it snowed...twice this week.  It didn't get above freezing for four days, and our twisty country back road still hasn't been plowed so it wasn't safe for the truck and trailer which meant we had to postpone our plans to a February Saturday. 

Instead we spent a quiet Saturday in quiet activities.  Maddie left in the morning for a special day with her best friend who happens to be her aunt, Bekah, so there were only six of us at home.  I spent a few hours knitting an ear warmer headband  to wear when I run on cold days.  I'm a slow knitter.

It was Day 2 of potty training. This time around, we decided to use a potty chair. We remind Alaine to use the potty about every 30 minutes, and today there were far more successes than accidents.  She is the fifth child I've potty trained, and aside from a few false starts,  it's never taken me more than a week to potty train a child who is ready.  If tomorrow is another successful day, we'll start night training on Monday. 

Gavin was invited to a science experiment birthday party in the late afternoon so by dinnertime, our number was down to five.  Dinner conversation centered around Veggie Tales characters and naming  the peas we were eating.

Tomorrow, we're packing up our potty gear (and the mega chocolate mint chip cookies I made tonight) and heading to my parents' for Sunday lunch.  It just might reach a balmy 35, too. 

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  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing day other than the potty training (which can be relaxing by the end but takes attention early on). Our Saturday was relaxing too. We decided to take the nine of us to Walmart for the few things we needed just to get everyone somewhere out of the house. Temps here this week had highs in the teens most days, with snow arriving Friday all day. Once home from the store we made lunch together, did quiet time, and then Daddy and the oldest 6 went out to play in the snow while Mason and I were on hot chocolate duty.

    The rest of the day was playing, reading, and baking banana bread. Nothing hurried. I love days like that!


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