Thursday, February 7, 2013

How Do You...Celebrate Valentine's Day?

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

At our house, Valentine's Day is a holiday that has no expectations and can be celebrated for the pure fun it brings. 

Several years ago, all of us (parents included) created Valentine bags out of cheap brown paper lunch bags.  We each wrote our name on our bag and then added stickers or drew pictures to represent our personality.  Then we filled each others' bags with cards, notes, and treats so everyone had a few surprises to enjoy on Valentine's Day.  It's a tradition we repeat every year now! 

The kids enjoy writing and sending cards to friends and their cousins.  Sometime we buy Valentine's at the store, sometimes we print ones we find online, and sometimes they make their own out of paper, glitter, and glue. 

I like to make a fun meal to share together, too.  This year we're making our own heart shaped pizzas and having our favorite special occasion chocolate pie for dessert. 

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?   Let us know in the comments.


  1. We have friends over from our Homeschool Book Club and exchange cards, maybe try a craft. Our party this year is tomorrow. Yesterday my kids made cards for everyone (fun and simple!). At the party we have two crafts available. One is stringing cheerios on pipe cleaners, shaping into hearts, and tying those outside for the birds and squirrels. The other is cutting paint chip strips into bookmark lengths, hole punching the top to add a ribbon, and writing messages/encouragement or decorations on the colored squares for fun.

    Simple and easy.

  2. I'm still tweaking how we celebrate Valentine's Day. Last year was the first time we really highlighted it at all and in the end (being 9 months pregnant) I didn't do much. I'm trying to focus on love in general: the love of God (John 3:16), loving one another, etc. We decorate a little bit with hearts and may even do a little something crafty that week. On the actual day of Valentine's I'm going to try to make it a theme and have lots of heart shaped food. :)

  3. We're making handmade Valentines as well as printing some of our John 3:16 So Loved cards. We'll also be having heart shaped food all day: pancakes, sandwiched, and pizza. I think we'll make some white chocolate drizzled popcorn sprinkled with heart sprinkles for dessert...yummy!


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