Thursday, February 28, 2013

How Do You...Create Family Traditions?

How do you make your own family traditions?

Traditions are important to us as a family because they are what makes us unique.  They help us create memories that we hope our kids will carry with them into adulthood.  Our family traditions are often pulled from the traditions that Brian and I each grew up with, but adapted to fit our own family.  

Many of our traditions were never intended to be traditions. They just happened.  We ordered pizza for Christmas Eve dinner one year and enjoyed it so much that we did it again the next year, and now we wouldn't dream of eating anything else.  We made bags to hold our Valentines one year and now we do it every year.  Brian gave each of us a small piece of chocolate at the table one night and called it "after-dinner chocolate," and guess what?  Now we have after-dinner chocolate every night. 

Many of our traditions, like the pizza and chocolate, center around food.  Other traditions involve activities.  We pick out a Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving.  We watch the fireworks on July 4th at a local high school and the kids stay up way past their bedtime.  We name one thing we love about each family member on his or her birthday. 

Traditions cement us as a family and make us feel part of a bigger purpose.

How did you create tradition in your home?  Let us know in the comments.

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