Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reading Quirks

Would you agree that most bookworms or book lovers have our own personal reading quirks-- our own picky preferences about what we read and where we read and how we read.  I know I have a few. 

  • I never, ever read ahead to find our what's going to happen at the end of a book.  In fact, if I want to see how many pages are in a book, I scrunch up my eyes while checking the page number so I don't accidentally read something on that last page. 
  • I like books with short chapters best.  I read those books faster because I can read a bunch of little chapters instead of committing to one long chapter at a time.  
  • I don't read in the car, though I'm often tempted.  I know that if I brought a book along, I would be anti-social and not talk to my husband. I do make an exception for magazines because I can skim and talk at the same time.

  • I set mini reading goals for myself when I start a book.  I'll say (to myself), "I want to finish this in four days so I need to read X number of pages today.  Most of the time, I finish ahead of schedule.  

What are your reading quirks? 


  1. I used to read in the car all the time. However, since having kids, I get car sick if I read.

    One of my reading quirks: I hate reading in bed! (Another thing I used to love.) Now I would much rather read sitting up on the couch or in a comfy chair. I've since discovered that some experts advise against reading in bed because it can actually encourage insomnia. I've never know that to be the case, I simply don't like it :)

  2. Insomnia? That's interesting. Reading actually makes me sleepy and if I feel like I need to wind down before bed, I'll often read. It always does the trick. Occasionally I'll dream about what I've read, but it's never made me not able to sleep.

  3. Maybe it also depends on the type of reading you're doing?

  4. I sometimes, look a head or at the end! I am bad aren't I?!

    Other quirks? hmm.

    I will take a book along with me if I am going places but often end up checking email etc on my phone instead!


  5. I have read the same information that Allyson read...that reading can encourage insomnia. I say "posh" to that! I, too, find that reading is a great way to unwind before going to sleep. I often have to reread the last couple of pages that I read the night before...because I was sleepy when I read them!

    Like Deanna, I usually don't read books that I take along to the doctor's office or hair salon. I suppose I'm too distractable. However, both times that I flew (I HATE flying!), I made sure that I had a riveting book to read so that I could forget that I was dangling between life and death in the air.

    (I suppose that was a little dramatic...but I was VERY glad that I was reading a page turner!)

  6. When I'm reading an especially long book, I divide the number of pages in half, read half the book, divide the rest of the pages in half again and continue doing that until I finish the book. I'm not trying to get through the book faster, it's just one of those things I do :)

  7. I also never look ahead and do the squinting thing if I want to see how many pages there are. I love reading series. I read in bed almost every night and I hate to stop reading in the middle of a chapter. My family loves for me to find a great book to read out loud in the car when we go on long road trips. I used to love to be sent to my room when I was a kid because it meant I could read for hours! Some punishment lol!


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