Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nature Study...Look what we found!

Children do not have to be taught to love nature. It is just part of their being. The outdoors holds such wonder for them and sometimes we let that fade as we grow older.

A few days ago, the two oldest kids stepped outside the door to bring in a package the mail lady had delivered. I heard gasps! "Look what we found!" It was a perfect, tiny snail shell! Wimpy Big Brother was afraid to touch it so my not-afraid-of-anything (except bumblebees) little girl brought it in instead. Wimpy Mama was afraid to touch it, too, until we realized the shell was empty. Maddie put her eye right up to the hole the body had once been in and peeked through at me. Now all three kids take turns holding it, but Maddie usually gets the honor of showing it to anyone who walks in our door.

1 comment:

  1. Andy says I've made Chandler ultra OCD and anal retentive! He doesn't like getting dirty!!! Chandler wouldn't have picked it up either!!


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