Thursday, January 1, 2009


Growing up, we had a tradition that in January, we would make a list of all the things that had happened and things we had done in the previous year. It was a fun time of reflecting on what the Lord had blessed us with in the past 12 months. It also served as a record when we couldn't remember exactly when we took that particular vacation or when someone bought that new car.

Brian and I have continued that tradition in our own family. Along with each item on the list, we try in include the month and/or day it happened.

With the turning of calendar, we have already begun reflecting on 2008. We will include the major (Benjamin's birth!) and the minor (Maddie learned to buckle her car seat). We will list the local (the huge remodel at our city's Walmart) and the national (our newly elected president). We will remember the happy (my brother and his family traveled from across the country to visit for a week) and the sad (Owen broke his arm!). We will recall the milestones (Owen's move into the "big kid" room) and the trivialities (our trip to the beach). We will record births and deaths. We will include firsts (Gavin's first lost tooth) and lasts (Owen weaned).

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

(As an aside, with Brian off from work for the next six weeks, we have lots of family time scheduled. My blogging may get bumped to the bottom of the list for awhile, but I will be updating as often as possible!)


  1. What a cute family shot! and a great idea for a blog post/thing to do every year! :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. I love that idea. What a great way to actually remember and write down what happens. It's so easy to just forget.
    Love the family picture. Very nice!


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